Here’s a list of links to things that I like

  • Adventures in Fiction
    A literary consultancy offering appraisal and mentoring. The consultancy also runs the Apprenticeships in Fiction programme, which I was lucky enough to be offered a place on in 2008/09.
  • Words with Jam
    A great online magazine for writers. It’s free. All you need to do is subscribe.
  • Flash 500 competition
    A quarterly flash fiction completion with good prizes plus publication of the winning story.
  • Triskele Books
    A writers’ collective showcasing some great new writers.

Other writers

  • Amanda Hodgkinson
    Amazingly talented writer and author of the hugely successful 22 Britannia Road.
  • Dan Holloway
    Check out his acclaimed novel, Songs From the Other Side of the Wall. It’s about a teenage girl growing up in post-communist Hungary.
  • Sue Howe
    Queen of microfiction and a very funny woman.
  • Gillian Hamer
    As Gilly says: “I live in a world full of murderers and rapists, dodgy police officers and heart broken victims. This world I can handle. The real world I have issues with.”
  • Lorraine Mace
    Freelance writer, columnist and tutor for the Writers Bureau. She’s also a prolific writer of short stories, novels and young adult fiction.
  • Jill Marsh
    JJ Marsh is a very talented writer of short stories and crime novels. She also writes a damn good blog.
  • Jo Reed
    Author of the ‘Blood Dancers’ series of novels, a dark contemporary fantasy tracing four generations of a family that should never have existed.

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