You Were Always Mine

Miscarriage of justice, or ruthless murder?

Cassie McNamara was found guilty of the murder of her husband, Paul Cavellini, but she has always protested her innocence. Upon her release, she hires local journalist, Dee Doran, to prove she was wrongfully convicted.

Cassie and Paul’s young daughter, Grace, was adopted by Paul’s family. When eighteen-year-old Grace goes missing and her body is found, all eyes turn to Cassie as the prime suspect in her daughter’s death. Then, Cassie, just like Grace, disappears.

Left behind to investigate, Dee must work to find the truth behind Grace and Paul’s deaths, because someone is keeping secrets. They’ve killed before, they’ll do it again if they have to.

Praise for You Were Always Mine:

‘I loved this book. Its cleverly constructed plot was so twisty it tied my mind up in knots trying to work out who, what, why and when! A great addition to the Dee Doran series. Highly recommended.’ Lorraine Mace, author of Say Your Prayers

You Were Always Mine has captivating characters, plenty of thrills, an enthralling storyline and a wonderful sense of place… everything I look for in a great mystery.’ Chris Curran, author of When the Lights Go Out

‘This is a talented and gifted author…It would make a great television show or movie.’ NetGalley reviewer



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