Stand alone novels

Dark Road Home


Two decades after she left Ireland, Leah Ryan is back.

She knows she won’t get a welcome reception in her home town of Dungarry, but she’s finally ready to face up to the events that forced her to leave as a teenager. But another tragedy is waiting for Leah when she arrives in Dungarry. Her first love, Eamon Lonergan,  has been found brutally murdered.

At first, Eamon’s murder appears unrelated to Leah’s past.  But in a small town like Dungarry, everything is connected and everyone has secrets. Sometimes there’s only one way to ensure the truth stays buried.

A tense and emotional thriller set in Ireland. Perfect for fans of Claire McGowan and Patricia Gibney.



Black Valley Farm

Black Valley Farm

She tells everyone her name is Clare Brown. She’s twenty-seven years old. She’s an only child. Her parents were killed in a car crash. She used to have a black cat called Ollie.

None of these things are true.

A decade ago, nine people were found dead at Black Valley Farm. The only suspect was never found.

Clare has spent ten years living a lie, but a new podcast on the murders threatens to bring her carefully built life crashing down.

Because someone else has listened to the podcast.

Someone who knows Clare is lying, and who will stop at nothing to ensure the truth never comes to light.

An absolutely unputdownable crime thriller. Perfect for fans of C. L. Taylor, Tim Weaver and T Orr Munro.


The Lucky Eight

When the plane crashed, 160 people died. Five years later, is someone killing off the survivors?

Five years ago, a horrific airline disaster made headlines around the world. On the anniversary of the fatal crash, a number of those who were spared gather to mark the occasion. Then Nick Gilbert, one of the party, is murdered. As Detective Rachel Lewis takes over the murder investigation, another survivor is killed.  It seems certain that someone is targeting the lucky eight.

Clodagh Kinsella recovered from the injuries she sustained in the crash, but lost her sister that day. As the noose tightens around the remaining survivors, it’s only a matter of time before Clodagh will have to face the consequences of a mistake she made before the plane went down…

A tense and gripping crime thriller, perfect for fans of Lesley Kara and Mari Hannah.